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County Waterford, Ireland, is known locally as "An Déise" in Gaeilge. Sometime between the 4th and 8th centuries AD, a tribe of native Gaelic people called the Déisi were driven from the southern parts of the country, conquering and settling here. The ancient principality of the Déise is today roughly coterminous with the current Diocese of Waterford and Lismore.

The Déise region is a beautiful region with two mountain ranges, beautiful rivers and lakes and over 30 beaches along its unique volcanic coast line. It is one of the few regions in Ireland with a Gaeltacht, an area with native Irish speaking people. The Déise has a rich history from megalithic tombs and Ogham stones, to Vikings, to remnants of English occupancy, some of the most interesting are the Gaulstown Dolmen, Reginalds Tower and The Ballysaggartmore Towers respectively.

The people that live in the Déise today are a proud people that thrive on Irish traditions such as Hurling and eating Blaas and pig's feet. During hurling matches the people of the region proudly chant the phrase "Up The Déise!" to support the players putting their bodies on the line for County Waterford.

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